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Our Story

   Brief History & Our Mission   

Swan Patisserie, LLC is a women-run small business, founded by Elizabeth Hermawan in 2019, in New Hampshire.  Jeanny Stevens, who is Elizabeth's cousin, joined the company as the partner and Co-Owner of the company.  Together, both Elizabeth and Jeanny have a common goal to build and grow a bakery company that focuses on baking authentic Indonesian and European pastries with simple, and high-quality ingredients.  

Why the name Swan? It is Elizabeth's mom's childhood nickname.  When Elizabeth founded the company, she wanted to use the name Swan to show her appreciation to her mom for teaching everything she knows today, and also, Swan Patisserie has a nice ring to it.

At Swan Patisserie, LLC, we have a couple of simple missions: to be the best local bakery place where people can eat true to taste pastries that we grew up with; and the second mission is to not forget our Indonesian heritage and culture.  So, as the chef and co-owners, we will work hard and keep introducing, and familiarizing our customers with our authentically delicious food - food that we grew up eating, have perfected the recipes, and be the only place where customers can enjoy these high quality authentic baked items.

   Meet Our Members   
Profile photo of Elizabeth, the founder and co-owner of Swan Patisserie LLC

Elizabeth Hermawan, Founder/Co-Owner

Elizabeth grew up in Bandung, a small town on the island of Java, Indonesia.  She was surrounded by a loving family who loved every aspect of cooking and baking.  She learned baking and cooking from her late grandmother, and her loving mother.


In 2005, she emigrated to the United States, and had been living here as a housewife; after the kids are more independent, she started to bake again with the dream of someday owning her own bakery.  To achieve her dream, she would need professional experience.  This is where she ran into the first big roadblock.

She found out that without a culinary degree it's close to impossible to work in a professional environment.  But she did not stop pursuing her passion.  She continues to do everything she can to hone her skills.  During her research phase, she travels a lot to different towns, states, or even to other countries to eat what locals call the best bakery in that area.  

Fast forward to 2015, in a happenstance event, Elizabeth donated baked goods to a school gathering; someone at that gathering, tried and loved her baked goods, and started asking if she could bake for a birthday party.  This little coincidence, coupled with requests from friends and family, made her realized that there's a real growing chance for her to build a business.  

Between 2015-2018, she started Swan Patisserie as a sole proprietorship and took advantage of New Hampshire homestead business opportunity to sell to friends and family.  In 2019, she decided to take it to the next level, and wanted to grow Swan into a more real business; and knew very well that she will not be able to do everything herself, so she invited Jeanny as the second member of the company.  

Profile photo of Jeanny, the co-owner of Swan Patisserie LLC

Jeanny Stevens, Co-Owner

Jeanny Stevens joined Swan Patisserie, LLC as the second member and co-owner of the company.  She grew up in a small city on the island of Borneo, Indonesia.  Jeanny also was raised in a loving family surrounded by great food.  In fact, her parents own a very successful restaurant in her home town! 

She came to Boston in 2000 for school, and soon she was employed in an IT related field. While she's working full time at her job, she's also a mother to two lovely children.  

Her passion has always been building food-related business; so when Elizabeth invited Jeanny if she wanted to join her little venture; Jeanny immediately agree to partner.

With many years of experience that she acquired from learning from her mother; Jeanny bring over multiple delicious Indonesian and South Asian bakery items: The heavenly fluffy Chiffon Cake, and the ever delicate and the "melt in your mouth" Indonesian Flower cookies (one of Swan Patisserie's best selling items!).  

Jeanny's partnership with Elizabeth provides unique opportunity for Swan Patisserie, LLC to provide unique offering to customers who want to experience what a delicious authentic Indonesian and European bakery items.

   Our Future   

Thank you for reading this far! Our introduction to our Chefs and Founder is just the beginning.  We, at Swan Patisserie, LLC is in it for the long term, and we will always enhance and increase our offering, and will make it even more accessible for customers to buy our delicious products.

The next goal that we're trying achieve next is owning our own store!  More information about this will be coming soon.  So in the mean time, please support us through our online store.

   Thank You   

Thank you from the bottom of our heart that you have stayed around, and read a little about our history.  If you happen to be the customers who have purchased and enjoyed our product in the past, we thank you for still supporting us!  People like you, who enjoy our food, and keep supporting us, are the reason why we wake up early each morning excited and eager to bake the next delicious items!